Tactical Medics

Tacmedic LogoThe Tactical EMS (TEMS) unit is a small, extremely specialized program within Plano Fire-Rescue that's primary mission is to provide high levels of medical treatment & support to all Plano Police Department tactical operations.  The TEMS unit primarily provides direct medical support for the SWAT team & Bomb Squad unit within the Plano Police Department.  

The TEMS medics are EMT-Paramedics.  TEMS personnel require extensive training which includes physical fitness, police tactics, tactical medicine & a great deal of discipline.  TEMS medics are capable of developing medical threat assessments, risk reduction strategies, providing logistical support, coordinating operations with local fire/EMS departments & rendering immediate medical care in hostile environments.

The TEMs unit was established in 1995 & represents the top 2% of Plano Fire-Rescue employees.  Since 2015  Plano FIre-Rescue's TEMS unit has been ranked on the international & national level.  

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