Community Outreach & Education

Outreach & Education Programs

Plano Fire Rescue places great importance on providing fire safety education and information for our citizens in order to help protect and enhance their quality of life. These efforts are coordinated by the Community Outreach and Education Office and include:

  • Fire Extinguisher Training and Demonstration - This class includes discussion of the different types of fire and the correct extinguisher to use for each. Also included are the determining factors to know when deciding whether to fight the fire and the correct procedure to follow when doing so. Participants are provided an opportunity to use a fire extinguisher on a controlled fire.
  • Fire Safety in the Workplace - Employees and employers are instructed to be proactive in fire safety planning in this class offered to area businesses. Fire fighters stress the importance of making fire safety each employee's responsibility.
  • High School Fire Safety - This class offers secondary students an insight into the dynamics of fire, the most common causes of fire, and reviews basic fire safety behaviors. Also covered is how and when to use a fire extinguisher and how an emergency situation should be handled.
  • Kitchen Safety - This program is offered for middle and high school independent living classes and covers the causes of kitchen fires, how kitchen fires can be prevented, and how to extinguish a kitchen fire. Minor burn treatment is also discussed.
  • Senior Fire Safety and Falls Prevention - Using the National Fire Protection Association's curriculum, "Remembering When", fire fighters instruct older adults on the increased risk of fire in their homes. Participants are encouraged to take control of fire prevention and to practice basic fire safety in their homes. Instruction is included in how to prevent falls.
  • Video Tape Library - The Community Outreach and Education Office has a library of fire safety videos available for citizens or organizations in Plano to check out. A master list of the tapes is available upon request.
  • Fire Safety Literature - Brochures, pamphlets, and booklets on a wide range of fire safety subjects are available from the Community Outreach and Education Office.
  • Fire Station Tours - Tours may be scheduled for any of Plano's 13 fire stations. Tours are recommended for children 3 years of age and older.

Please contact the Community Outreach and Education Office at 972-941-7497 to schedule any of the programs listed above or for more information.